The 5 Best Marketing Campaigns of 2023

To say it’s a challenge to stand out in this saturated B2B landscape is an understatement. As the space rapidly evolves, standing out from the crowd is arguably more difficult now than ever.

However, there’s a definite positive to come from this. We bet you can name at least one B2B campaign that really caught your attention in 2023.

That’s because boldness, creativity and innovation are reigning supreme as brands push to cut through the noise.

Marketing team

In this article, we’re reflecting on some of the best marketing campaigns of 2023, what set them apart from the rest and why they left an impact on their target audiences.

But first…

What makes an effective marketing campaign?

Now we’ve established it takes something special to stand out as a B2B brand but what’s in the recipe for success?

We believe it’s a combination of the following:

  • A strong grasp of the B2B landscape (and remember, it changes constantly!)
  • A clear understanding of your target audience
  • Defined goals for your campaign (do you want to generate leads, increase brand awareness or sell a product?)
  • Assuring the audience that you’re solving their problem
  • Data-driven content decisions

…and last but, by no means, least… engaging content!

So, let’s take a look at those brands that met these criteria for success in 2023.

Marketing Team Collaboration

Mailchimp x VICE Media – Second Act

We’ve explained that marketers are having to turn to bolder ideas to get through to their audiences. But the added level of creativity shouldn’t prevent the campaign from being engaging, relatable or resonant with the audience.

Mailchimp and VICE Media’s collaborative ‘Second Act’ campaign shares impactful stories of “those who have chosen a new direction in their careers, discovered their passions and defined their own versions of success”. It demonstrates the brand’s passion for storytelling and authenticity.

While some may watch 30 seconds of the series and think ‘What does that have to do with email marketing?’, its underlying message is relevant, both socially and for their brand and, just as crucially, it leaves an impression on their audience.

Squarespace – Singularity

Audiences love it when brands poke fun at themselves, and that’s what Squarespace achieved with their ‘Singularity’ campaign.

In the video, actor Adam Driver comes to the realisation that Squarespace is a website that makes websites, leading him to believe technology is taking over!

It’s such a fun, satirical and engaging way to promote the brand, making it one the best marketing campaigns of 2023 in our view.

GfK – Human vs. AI: Can ChatGPT Outsmart a CEO?

It’s no secret that AI is THE hot topic in marketing. It’s inescapable and everybody has their own opinion, so market research company GfK, or Growth from Knowledge, decided to capitalise on its popularity by masterminding an ingenious campaign.

In this video campaign, GfK pits the company’s CEO against AI, asking them both to answer business-related questions and face a series of challenges.

AI Robot

Not only is this campaign highly relevant, sharing GfK’s stance on AI (a pretty Marmite topic in marketing), but it establishes GfK as thought leaders and makes their brand more relatable, with their CEO jumping at the chance to get involved in content.

What a campaign!

Splunk X AWS – The Splunk Immersive Experience

Now that we’ve covered some high-impact video campaigns, let’s get traditional. In-person events and campaigns are certainly not dead! And the Splunk Immersive Experience is living proof.

The event, which took place in London and was powered by AWS, featured a panel discussing Digital Experience, Store Operations, Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability, plus guided tours for valued customers.

They even created a fictitious T-shirt company to help explain their business best practices in a simple, engaging fashion.

Despite the rise in virtual events and webinars, the Splunk Immersive Experience is a reminder to us all that in-person events certainly have their place!

Spotify – 2023 Wrapped for Advertisers

We’re sure you’ll agree that Spotify Wrapped is excellent marketing. There’s something exciting about sharing your most listened-to songs and podcasts with friends, family and colleagues (or, alternatively, refusing to when you realise you’ve listened to ‘I’m Just Ken’ a few too many times – guilty!)

But did you know that Spotify also introduced a version just for marketers? Wrapped for Advertisers provides marketing teams with insights on how audiences and advertisers engage.

In 2023, the campaign shared how podcasts are continuing to grow, why video was becoming even more dominant and why marketers could involve nostalgia in their campaigns in 2024. Read more of Spotify’s takeaways here!


What to take away

We think each of these campaigns are brilliant in their own right, but what ties them all together? What are the common themes?

To us, it’s fairly simple… they all think outside the box.

Marketing isn’t effective when you’re churning out the same type of content all the time. Things can become pretty dry, audiences know what to expect and, frankly, ‘samey’ content is boring to create! Each of these campaigns share fresh, innovative ideas that remain relevant to their industries and audiences.

Another common theme across the board is these brands’ ability to touch their audiences’ pain points. Spotify made podcast and video data easy to access, GfK shared their all-important views on AI and Splunk highlighted their use cases and business value in a simple, yet charming way.

So, what tips and tricks are you going to take from these stellar marketing campaigns from 2023? Let us know!

If you’re feeling inspired but you’re just not sure where to start, why not book in a 60-minute strategy call with our MD, Emma, to get you on the right track.