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in Leamington Spa and Warwickshire

Over 90% of the UK population now uses social media. With figures so high, it would be foolish not to tap into the potential of social media advertising. Flamingo can help you determine the best platforms for your products, getting you seen by key members of your target audience likely to make a purchase. It’s not just about the sales, though. A strong social media presence can improve perceptions of your brand, making customers see you as more trustworthy, reliable and personal, too. Indeed, platforms like Facebook and TikTok allow you to establish a genuine connection with potential customers by identifying with them and their needs. At Flamingo, we plan and create the perfect content to help you achieve this and more.

What is Social
Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is a convenient marketing strategy, whereby businesses post to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, in order to encourage potential customers to engage with their brand. Users might click on the ad to visit your website and make a purchase or they might see your ad across several platforms and take it as a sign that your brand is trustworthy. Posting relatable content also helps advertisers to create a personal relationship with their clients, which is incredibly important in today’s market, which is saturated with similar products.

Flamingo’s job is to help you stand out. We therefore come up with long-term social media marketing strategies guaranteed to see you succeed. We’ll determine the best platforms for your products and goals and plan monthly topics to extend through your articles, blog posts and social media, each of which will link back to one another to gently guide users towards your services and products.

How will my Business Benefit?

Reach your target audience

Social media platforms use complex algorithms to determine which content to display to users. The experts at our Leamington Spa agency understand the inner workings of social media, allowing us to ensure that your message is delivered to the people that matter, when it matters most or, in other words, when they are most likely to make a purchase. Social media platforms provide a unique way to engage with your audience, too, since they come across as more personal.

Boost your brand

When people consistently see your brand all over social media, they’re more likely to perceive you as trustworthy and reliable. This is even more so the case if your posts get a lot of positive engagement, such as reactions and comments. At Flamingo, we manage this engagement for you across all of your platforms, boosting your social media success. In addition to swaying new customers, regular advertising also consolidates you in the minds of existing clients, encouraging brand loyalty.

Make more sales

Because Flamingo targets your social media ads to the right audience, the people who see your them are already likely to want your products. This increases the chances of them clicking on your ad and going on to make a purchase or explore your website. In addition to crafting posts that get clicked on, our Leamington Spa agency can optimise your site speed, performance and content to ensure that visitors stay once they land on your product pages.

Track your progress

Our expert team tracks the progress of all your social media posts in one place. This gives us a good overview of what’s working and what isn’t, allowing us to refine our strategy to match constantly evolving market trends. It’s the best way to stay ahead of the curve. Tracking your progress can also help to manage your budget if you opt to include paid advertising.

Want to Stand Out?

The Advantages of Choosing Flamingo for your Social Media Advertising

At Flamingo, we deal with everything in house, from developing a fool-proof social media strategy to creating and filming fresh content for you. As a one-stop shop for all things marketing, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that your campaigns are a success. We track each and every one of your potential customers for full insight into your brand positioning and progress, also consulting with you on the best monthly topics to cover for maximum results.

When posting on social media, it’s important to ensure that you have a strong, regular presence. This will help you stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re discussing topics that users are already interested in. Showcasing your brand personality really helps with this, as it allows potential customers to connect with your brand. The experts at Flamingo spend time really getting to know you, ensuring that we always use the right tone of voice and can engage your audience in the most profitable of ways.

How our
Social Media Advertising Services Work

When it comes to posting on social media, we don’t just publish at random. We work with you to come up with a long-term strategy, determining which topics we should discuss and when. We are able to produce all your content for you in house, whether you want images, written articles and blogs short-form video.

Once we’ve posted your new content, we’ll track your progress to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing. We’ll also interact with your clients on your behalf, doing things like answering questions, dealing with negative feedback and replying to messages, comments and tweets. We know this can be time consuming for you, which is why we get on board as additional members of your team to manage everything for you. We can even connect you with powerful social media influencers to really boost your brand.


Exclusive Partnership between you and us

When partnering with Flamingo, we will agree to not work with your competitors in your local area (or within an agreed radius), so you know your campaigns will be completely bespoke to you.


Working to build great relationships

For us, the relationship with our clients is so important. That's why we have regular in-person and online meetings so that we can build trust and we're always in the loop with what's going on.


Creative services that get you noticed

From email marketing to websites, brochures to social media, we use print and digital technologies to make you stand out from the crowd. We'll help get your name out there to grow your business.

tangible value

Valuable results and tracking ROI

When you work with Flamingo Marketing Strategies, you know exactly how your campaigns are performing thanks to our comprehensive, detailed reporting so you can track its value.

Why Choose Flamingo as your B2B Social Media Marketing Agency?

If you want to stand out, Flamingo is the marketing agency for you. We only work with a select number of clients to ensure that we get to know each and every one of you personally. This enables us to give that personal touch that larger agencies simply can’t offer. How many other marketing companies do you know that can genuinely promise that the managing director herself will be responsible for your output?

Our services are exclusive to you, too. When you choose us, we promise never to work with your competitors, be it within a specified local area or across the whole of the UK. This ensures that you will always maintain your competitive advantage and truly stand out from crowd.

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Social media marketing includes all kinds of content, from regular tweets and image-based Facebook posts to longer articles for LinkedIn and short-form video for TikTok. At Flamingo, we work with all social media platforms, determining the best ones for your business based on your target audience and goals. You can choose from paid and organic advertisements, the latter of which you won’t have to pay for each time a user clicks. We often advise our clients to opt for a mixture of both, as this encourages more immediate sales whilst keeping your brand as relevant as possible. Nevertheless, it all depends on your individual circumstances and budget, which we would be happy to discuss with you during your free, no-obligation strategy call.

We don’t know about other agencies, but at Flamingo, we take care of all things social media for you. We plan, create, schedule and publish your posts, replying to any messages you get from potential clients. We help to convey who you are as a brand and manage your online presence to ensure that people have a positive perception of you overall. If you’d like to hear more about how social media marketing can help you, we recommend getting in touch as the potential benefits are too numerous to mention.

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. You need to look at the types of public using each social media platform and determine whether these demographics match those of your target audience. For instance, we know that older users tend to prefer Facebook over Instagram. Meanwhile, younger people tend to gravitate towards Instagram and TikTok. Likewise, if you’re selling a visual product like a car or makeup, using an image or video-based platform would be best. If your service is best described in words, however, you may wish to consider Twitter or LinkedIn. At Flamingo, we can provide reliable advice on all of this, ensuring you dedicate your budget to advertising where it matters most.

Put simply, organic social media posts are posts that you don’t have to pay for directly. You post them just like you would any other social media post and wait for your target audience to interact with them naturally. There are strategies we can use to increase the likelihood of this happening, for instance, ensuring that you are posting on the right platforms at the right times of day, using the right keywords and hashtags.

In contrast, you do have to pay for paid social media posts. This is usually on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, where you will pay a small fee each time a user clicks on your ad. Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective paid social media ads, although Google Ads and sponsored TikTok posts also prove incredibly successful when used strategically.

At Flamingo, we can advise you on the best strategies for your business, helping you to come up with your own winning plan to take social media by storm.

Social media platforms analyse user behaviour to determine which posts to show to which users. This applies whether you have created a paid ad or organic content. We can take advantage of that by using our insight to guarantee that your ad will be displayed to members of your target audience. Because the people seeing your ad will already be interested in the topics you post, they’re much more likely to click on your ad, especially if you manage to make them identify with your brand on an emotional level. We can help you to do this through strategically planned content. The more clicks you get, the more likely you are to make a sale. And because we can optimise your website too, we can ensure that users find your products easily and enjoy using your site, vastly increasing your chances of successful conversions.