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in Leamington Spa & Warwickshire

We’re Flamingo, the go-to email marketing agency for targeted campaigns in Leamington Spa and Warwickshire. Our multi award-winning team of creatives and analysts are skilled in curating engaging email marketing that catches the attention of your target audiences, showcasing your products and services to generate quality leads, increase attention toward your business, and connect you with prospects.

We’re a one-stop shop for marketing strategies, email marketing success and lead generation expertise. Work with Flamingo and achieve success for your business through our email marketing services, brand building, and other creative marketing.

What is
Email Marketing?

One of the main pillars of the lead generation funnel is to generate new interest and stir up existing interest. One of the best ways to do this is through targeted communications, such as email marketing. With email marketing you send carefully thought out content to prospective clients, engaging them with information about your services, products, and business.

For B2B businesses, email marketing is a great strategy to showcase your products, services, and brand to the right audiences to engage with them and hopefully convert them into a customer. The Flamingo team are skilled in creating strategised email marketing to help your business achieve and see results. We will provide you with targeted email lists, custom templates, and a thorough database to set you on the path to email marketing success.

Email Marketing Services that Convert

Targeted email lists

At Flamingo, we will help you to expand your marketing reach through carefully planned targeted email lists. Target specific audiences with relevant information for the best chance of gaining a lead and converting them into a customer.

Custom email templates

Custom and bespoke services are what we specialise in. We provide our services exclusively to you, not working with any other businesses in your sector. As such, we also curate custom templates for emails to specifically target the right audiences.

In-depth reporting

We’re creative but we’re also results driven. All KPIs will be set by you and profusely monitored by us through in-depth reporting and conversion tracking, so we’re always understanding the most effective strategies, tactics, and campaign ideas.

Database building

Our carefully curated databases are crafted from popular platforms like LinkedIn to ensure we find prospects from the right backgrounds. We’ll help you to grow your marketing reach and connect with new audiences for better chances are converting your leads.

Want to Stand Out?

How Will My Business Benefit from an Email Marketing Agency?

Email marketing campaigns don’t have to be annoying or spam worthy. When written properly, and with carefully considered content, lead generation is a worthwhile tool that can help push conversions. Target specific audiences with thought-provoking content that not only highlights your services but engages potential clients with who your business is.

Maintain regular contact with target audiences, spotlight your products and services, and encourage more leads and traffic to your site to convert.

How our
email marketing services work

Clicks and conversions don’t happen by chance. The Flamingo team carefully consider what to put into email marketing campaigns to educate, inspire, and entice potential clients. From the crafting of the email to the delivery, we will carefully consider who your target audience is, who best fits that profile, and how we can customise an email template to appeal to them.

From there, we will capitalise on new and existing interest, performing in-depth reporting to track metrics, click-throughs and other engagement to better understand how our strategies work, and how to improve them for increased conversion.

To ensure a successful campaign we are constantly combining creative and analytical aspects with proven methods of email marketing, targeted campaigns and impressive prospect lists.

Why Choose Flamingo as your B2B Email Marketing Agency?

Flamingo are a multi award-winning, one-stop shop for marketing success. We’re driven to provide success for your business, listening and learning how we can better serve you. Consider us your personal cheerleaders, going above and beyond to deliver on action and provide results.

Not only are we strategic email marketers, but we can also help to curate your brand identity to better engage with the right audiences. What’s more, we provide exclusive services to your business and work with no other competitors in your industry.

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Email marketing is a targeted campaign that sends specialist content to targeted contacts to direct them to your site and then convert them into a customer.

It certainly is. The Flamingo team have curated targeted email lists, specialist custom templates, and a variety of leads to ensure email marketing success for your business.

We track KPIs, click-throughs, website visits and more analytical data to send you a monthly, personalised report of your marketing success with Flamingo. 

A hard bounce usually indicates a permanent error while a soft bounce is only a temporary error.

Email marketing is a worthwhile campaign that will get your products and services in front of the right consumers. Coupled with an effective website design, targeted consumers will be pointed to your website where they will find exactly what caught their eye and lead to a conversion.