Nine high-performing email subject lines to try!

Since I started my business, I’ve been working with several clients who have asked me to help them with their email marketing.

Some people question whether email marketing is dead.

I have written a whole blog that addresses this subject. Click here to read ‘Is email marketing dead?

I can tell you, 100%, that email marketing is not dead.

Nowadays, the open rates tend to fluctuate between 10-20% if you’re doing it right. The average in 2019 was 17.92% (with a 2.69% average click rate).

Today I want to share with you 9 of the email subject lines I’ve been using for my email marketing (and my clients too) and the open rates…

“I’ve got something to share with you”

This subject line had a 32% open rate – The list had connected on LinkedIn but never been emailed.

This email was sending them to read an online newsletter. It only got a 1% click rate which suggests that the ‘offer’ was not compelling enough to click onto it.


“As a member of my network, I thought you’d find this useful”

This subject line, and the one below it were part of a 2-step email sequence.

Email 1 – 55.5% open, 3.5% click through and was sent to 1,000 unengaged contacts.

Email 2 – of same sequence


“Thanks for your help”

55.2% open rate, sent to 996 people. This email was email number 2 in a marketing sequence


“Have you come across this yet {Name}?”

38% was the open rate, 4% clicked – This email was sent to a list of business owners to tell them about a download that was available to them.

This download was clearly more attractive – you can also download this guide here.


“As Promised {Name}”

This email had a 39% open rate & a 6% click through rate.

It was sent to a marketing email list who had received a handful of blogs previously.


“Some news from my network”

This email had a 52.3% open rate – sent to a cold list who had not been emailed before.

This was a more corporate business, hence the subject line. There was a 4% click through here.


“Oops sorry about that broken link”

62% – people love it when you make a mistake! The click through was 12.5% – unbelievable!


“Did you see this {Name}?”

39% – a classic email title that’s worked for me for years! 4% click-through.
You send an email, then a few days later you send the exact same email with this subject and a couple of lines at the top checking they received it.

You could try and send this second email only to people who haven’t opened the first, but I tend to send to full list. Even if they opened email 1, a reminder can’t do any harm…

This is always good to use for an offer push.


“Exciting News”

I’ve used this a few times, and the open rates vary from 27.9%-52% for different campaigns.

An example of how we used this was introducing an advent campaign that was running in December that people could sign up to receive 1 email a day. Open rates on these daily emails that followed this one, sat between 40-60%, this initial email was to get them to sign up!

Sharing these with you, hopefully, you’ll be able to see how these subject lines all offer something of interest or value.

In everything you do, in every piece of marketing you send – start with the reader.

What’s in it for them? Why should they open your email?

Stop sending subject lines that talk about you.

If you’d like help building a nurture funnel to market to your audience, give me a call on 01926 350 040 and let’s talk through your strategy.