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in Warwickshire & Leamington Spa

Planning for an event or exhibition? Don’t stress! Let the multi award-winning experts at Flamingo take care of everything for you with our expert event marketing services. We offer a range of exhibition assets, whether you need posters, exhibition stands and banners or something visitors can take away with them like branded merchandise and brochures.

With expert photographers and content creators on our team, we can turn your initial idea into high-quality, professional marketing materials guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. As a small agency dedicated to forming close working relationships with our clients, we’re here to help with your each and every need in the run up to your event. We’re like additional members of your team, so if there’s anything we can do to support you, just let us know.

What is
Exhibition Marketing?

Exhibition marketing refers to the different marketing materials we can produce to support you with your event. Our products range from exhibition stands, roll-up banners and posters to literature stands, brochures and branded tools like pens and puzzles.

Posters, banners and stands are a great way of grabbing people’s attention. Designed and created with the help of our professional photographers, they immediately tell people who you are and what you do. They spark interest and encourage visitors to come over and engage in meaningful conversation, which is where your sales pitch comes in.

Once you’ve talked through the benefits of your products, you might like to give your guests something to take away. Brochures, leaflets, pens and branded goodies are all great ways of ensuring that people remember you after a busy day of meeting with lots of other budding businesses at the exhibition. Whilst engaging literature encourages potential customers to find out more, the novelty of a small gift inspires a more positive view of your business as a whole.

How will my Business Benefit from Event Marketing Services?

Stand out from the crowd

When you’re at an exhibition, there are likely hundreds – if not thousands – of other companies vying for people’s attention. As such, it’s important to have high-quality posters, banners and stands that really make you stand out. At Flamingo, we don’t just print for event marketing. Our expert photographers take stunning, high-quality images for you and work them into designs specifically aimed at your target audience. We guarantee that you will get noticed.

Add value

Once visitors have been drawn to your stand, you want to make sure you have something valuable to keep them engaged. Having print media like brochures and leaflets on the table can serve to spark meaningful conversation. You can also give visitors materials to take away with them, which they can read through at their own leisure. The more engaging, informative content you provide, the better – whether you’re looking to educate people on your industry or simply sell your products. Flamingo can create this content for you, leading to guaranteed success.

Don’t be forgotten

After a long day of visiting hundreds of stands and speaking to lots of different companies, you want to make sure that people will remember your brand. Having branded merchandise like pens, puzzles, stress balls and highlighters can help with this. It’s a small gesture, but it helps to ensure you stick in people’s minds long after the event. We can help you find, choose and create branded items to hand out for this purpose.

Grow online

Companies organise events to inform people about their industry and make people aware of their brand. The recognition you generate from a successful event marketing campaign can increase traffic to your online presence. This is particularly true if you include links or QR codes to your website or social media channels on your banners and on the printed media products you hand out.

Want to Stand Out?

Outstanding Event Marketing Services

At Flamingo, we’re all about standing out. As such, it’s only natural that our events marketing services include much more than the industry standard. We produce all our print media in house, working with our team of expert photographers, designers and content writers to deliver the best possible marketing materials out there.

We take the time to research your market and find out exactly what your customers want, so we know how best to entice them. And we don’t just provide the basics, either. We can be as involved as much as you would like us to be when planning your event and are available to suggest, locate and brand additional products like pens and puzzles for you to boost your success. We can even help with event set-up, planning and organisation if required.

To find out more about how our Leamington Spa agency can help you, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk through your goals and requirements during your free, no-obligation strategy call.

How our Event Marketing Services Work

Because Flamingo is an all-in-one marketing service, we can help with your event or exhibition from start to finish.

It all begins with a free, sixty-minute strategy call, where we’ll discuss your goals and ambitions before coming up with a plan. We’ll be completely transparent about our recommendations, so you’ll gain value whether or not you decide to work with us.

Once we start working together, our content team will get writing and our photographers will start snapping, with our designers bringing it all together to produce immaculate print marketing materials. It’s all done in house, and we’ll keep you up to date throughout the entire process to ensure you’re happy with the results.

We like to go above and beyond for our clients and consider ourselves an extension of your team. We understand that event planning and management can be stressful, so if there’s anything else we can help you with, please let us know.


Exclusive Partnership between you and us

When partnering with Flamingo, we will agree to not work with your competitors in your local area (or within an agreed radius), so you know your campaigns will be completely bespoke to you.


Working to build great relationships

For us, the relationship with our clients is so important. That's why we have regular in-person and online meetings so that we can build trust and we're always in the loop with what's going on.


Creative services that get you noticed

From email marketing to websites, brochures to social media, we use print and digital technologies to make you stand out from the crowd. We'll help get your name out there to grow your business.

tangible value

Valuable results and tracking ROI

When you work with Flamingo Marketing Strategies, you know exactly how your campaigns are performing thanks to our comprehensive, detailed reporting so you can track its value.

Why Choose Flamingo as your B2B Events Marketing Agency?

Flamingo is exclusive to you. We never work with your competition, ensuring that the competitive edge we help you create will always give you an advantage.

We become part of your team from the moment you start working with us and are available to provide ongoing marketing services and advice. This ultimately allows us to keep growing alongside you, supporting you as you continue to hit new milestones in your business career.

We take our time to get to know you, ensuring we can support you in the most holistic way possible. Our managing director, Emma, is particularly proud to provide a personal touch, making the effort to stay in regular contact with you in addition to approving each and every aspect of the work we do for you.

If you’re looking for VIP treatment and results that will make you stand out, Flamingo is the events marketing agency for you.

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Events marketing essentially encompasses all kinds of marketing materials that may be required for a successful marketing event. Potential products include exhibition and literature stands, product brochures, informative flyers and engaging items you can give away to make you stand out. At Flamingo, we design, create and print a whole host of events marketing materials and can also help you to plan and manage your event, as well.

If you’re planning an event, it’s important to keep your goals in mind. Perhaps you’re trying to gain a greater following on social media? Or maybe, you want to sell a certain number of products on the day? Whatever it is you’re looking to achieve, always ensure you have a clear, measurable objective.

It’s important to promote your products on the day through the use of posters, brochures and engaging conversation. However, post-event considerations are equally important. You may wish to include small giveaway items like branded pens and notepads to ensure that people remember you, in addition to following up with interested clients.

Once your event is over, evaluate your progress and work out what worked and what could be improved. This will pave the way for future success. At Flamingo, we can help with event planning, the creation of expert exhibition marketing materials and even, coming up with a post-events marketing plan to keep you coming out on top.


If you would like us to be involved throughout the planning stage, we would certainly be happy to help with this. We’re experts in planning and implementing effective marketing strategies and have helped countless clients to host successful exhibitions and events. We’re passionate about providing the best possible service and will go above and beyond to ensure you feel confident and prepared.

When it comes to events marketing, you have to think about more than just attracting potential customers to your company on the day. It’s also important to make sure that people are aware of the event in the first place – particularly if its an event you organised that doesn’t form part of a larger conference or exhibition. Our promotional posters and flyers are both great options for letting people know what’s going on. We can also help you to update your website and post promotional content on social media to spread the word.


At Flamingo, we’re passionate about marketing and understand that different strategies work best when used in combination. As Warwickshire’s go-to agency for all things marketing, there’s no end to the services we can provide. From branding and website creation to videos, photos and written content, we’re here to make your company stand out in every possible way. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business specifically, book your free strategy call with us now. We’ll discuss your goals in detail before sharing our ideas on the best way to meet them – confident in the transformation we can make.