This is what we do

Our goal is to help you become the Flamingo in a flock of pigeons when it comes to your competitors. We do this by improving your brand awareness, providing exceptional lead generation, and pulling together a marketing strategy that is 100% bespoke with your key objectives in mind, every step of the way.

The Numbers

Through using our marketing strategies, customers will increase their exposure in their chosen market and stand out. Everything we do, from email marketing to stand designs, is tailored to be relevant to your audience whilst also being engaging and informative.

We are proud of the results we achieve for our clients and work closely to keep our goals aligned.

Up to 60% increase in content impressions in 6 months

Up to 1,750 new connections in a year

Average Email Open Rate of 41.5%

What our Customers say

“I learnt more about marketing during a 20-minute call with Emma, than I have learnt from working with numerous marketing agencies over the last 20 years!”

Dr David Scrimshire – TEC Transnational

“Our Team spent a very useful and enjoyable day with Flamingo’s MD, Emma Sansom yesterday. Emma has such an engaging personality, very friendly, yet super-enthusiastic, straight-talking and forward-thinking. She has given us a lot to think about in regard to maximising our exposure and the products we have to offer.”

Joanne Saggs – TEC Transnational

“Emma and the team at Flamingo Marketing Strategies provide a wide range of expertise as marketeers. They recently helped my company, The Business Network Birmingham, with some marketing advice to increase our membership base. Emma is a proactive, dynamic marketeer with a great depth of knowledge. Highly recommend her services.”

Simon Coy – The Business Network Birmingham

“We’ve been working with Flamingo Marketing Strategies for more than a year now and I’m so pleased we decided to outsource our marketing to them. We have achieved such a lot during this time, from building targeted databases and email funnels; to designing brochures; writing articles for our social media channels and even planning and designing a whole exhibition stand – including organising the merchandise, materials and even setting it up for us on the day! This event generated a project worth a huge return in investment. We have weekly meetings with the team and we really see them as part of Futuremotiv – we also love that they always have biscuits and make us feel like part of their team when we go over. As we manufacture batteries for electric vehicles, we were slightly hesitant when deciding to outsource, as we didn’t think it would be possible for an agency to create the level of detail required when it came to writing articles for us. However, Flamingo have created such thought-provoking, relevant and technical articles by putting the time and effort into research, but also by spending time interviewing our engineers. This content has generated instant leads and conversations from LinkedIn, something we assumed would take a long time to crack, if possible at all. More recently, the team wrote and designed a company magazine for us which received 120 sign ups during the first month. We couldn’t be happier, it’s been the perfect partnership!”

Corina Stama – RLE-Futuremotiv

“Within the first 7 months of working with Flamingo, we’ve quoted over £300,000 worth of work from the leads they have generated for us. If they convert, that will be a massive 1805% return on investment. The team have enhanced our brand and visibility online, built us a database by using their Prospect100 approach and created an email marketing strategy for us. They go above and beyond and they are just a great bunch of people to work with. They even helped us re-design a sales pitch deck that enabled us to drastically increase the worth of the project to nearly £2,000,000 – they will do whatever it takes to make us look even more professional and equip us with the assets we need to get in front of the right people. Thank you to Emma and her fantastic team, you really are an extension our business and we love the work that you do.”

Stuart Sowerby – Worldwide Structures Ltd.

“Emma is one of the best marketing professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is smart, energetic and focused on ensuring there is a clear return on every marketing investment. She has the capability to think strategically and at the same time has an eye for detail necessary for effective execution. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma to any organisation that wants to grow its top line with strategic investment in marketing.”

Paul Docherty – Breakthrough Partners

“Working with Emma at Flamingo has been brilliant. After taking time to understand our business strategy, marketing plans were drawn up and implemented accurately, efficiently and with an infectious enthusiasm. The results have been amazing and I would highly recommend Flamingo’s complete marketing services to any other businesses.”

Rob Simpson – Simpson Financial Services Ltd

“We brought Emma in to help us with a client conference we were running earlier this year, where she was one of our associate facilitators for a large team activity. Despite not having extensive experience in this type of facilitation, Emma took to the task like a natural, establishing a great relationship with her team almost instantly. Her instructions were clear and concise, and she guided the team through a complicated task with ease. More importantly, there was fun and lots of laughter along the way and I could tell they really enjoyed her company. I have no doubt that Emma’s ability to build rapport with clients extends into everything she does with Flamingo Marketing Strategies. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her in any capacity!”

Vicky Holding – Colour;Noun

“We have recently been working with Emma and her team at Flamingo Marketing Strategies. She has done a wonderful job supporting our Sales and Marketing efforts for two campaigns: one to publicise a Covid-19 visor we decided to produce and one to publicise our recently granted Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Her efforts have generated significant local and national media coverage. This has contributed to over £100,000 of donations, including a collaboration with Cadbury’s. In a small space of time Emma has become an integral part of 3P’s team working seamlessly with our permanent employees. We can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Dr Dave Seaward – 3P Innovation Ltd.

“We’ve worked with Emma for the best part of a year now and in that time her marketing knowledge and experience has helped take our online sales to another level. She’s professional, friendly, easy to work with, incredibly knowledgeable and, best of all, astonishingly efficient and on the ball. If you want something done, Emma will make it happen. From helping us to create landing pages that convert and sales funnels that encourage further purchases, to implementing new systems and operating methods, Emma’s transformed the way we market our magazines and events. If you’re looking for someone to take over the running of your company’s marketing, I’d highly recommend Emma and Flamingo Marketing!”

Bryn Davies – Adventurize

“We love working with Emma from Flamingo Marketing Strategies. I think one of the main reasons for this is we are so aligned in our approach to work. It was clear from the start that Emma is knowledgeable, professional and passionate about her work and these are all core values we share within our own business. Having Emma working alongside us has meant we are able to focus on the key day to day activities safe in the knowledge that our marketing platforms and messages are all consistent and that our brand is being placed in front of our target audience. Everything Emma does is joined up which allows for true ROI to be tracked and traced with a comprehensive yet easy to follow strategy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma for any business who want to take a more active and dynamic approach to their marketing.”

Graeme Smith – CYAN Group Ltd.

“We were one of Emma’s first clients when she launched Flamingo Marketing Strategies and we feel so privileged to have been so, because we feel as much part of her business now, as she feels part of our family! She’s our Virtual Marketing Manager who brings a whole new dimension to FIT’s leadership team and her genius creativity and enthusiasm for all things marketing just blows us away each and every day. Emma is a true flamingo – she shows up and stands out like NO-ONE else in her field! A genuinely beautiful, clever soul – inside and out.”

Marie Cross – First Impression Training

“We are just about to start our third month with Flamingo Marketing Strategies and already we can see huge potential in the campaigns Emma and her team have pulled together. Our first month saw a 400% return on investment from our very first campaign. Not only has Flamingo’s efforts re-connected me with my entire LinkedIn contacts list (and created me an actual data list at the same time!) it’s also generated some fantastic conversations. As well as re-engaging with existing contacts, I’m connecting with up to 30 new relevant people every single week as well as creating exciting new content to share with my network AND becoming more active on social media. In the first two weeks working with Emma’s team I got an enquiry from someone I’d consider to be a ‘dream list’ client. I really like Emma’s style of marketing campaigns, she’s captured how I like to communicate very quickly and her email copy and LinkedIn messages are generating great levels of engagement. We also get on brilliantly which makes it even more enjoyable to work together! I can’t wait to see what next month brings and would highly recommend Flamingo to anyone who is serious about growing their business!”

Andy Chandler – Andy Chandler Associates

“Emma and her team are truly amazing. They are always going above expectations. Excellent marketing ideas! Really recommend getting in touch with Flamingo Marketing!”

Flo Chadaway – Spring Accountancy Services Ltd

“If you’re are looking for a company with a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience then pick up the phone and call Flamingo Marketing Strategies now. If you need more customers and your business has slowed down then I can’t recommend Flamingo Marketing Strategies enough. You will not be disappointed. Your business will be booming in no time!”

Sarah Harris – Ewes me virtual assistant

“Thank you to Flamingo and your team for your support in preparing us for the LCV show. The stand looked great, the rolling video was spot on and the materials / brochures etc. were super!!! Thanks!!!”

Mark Basten – RLE-Futuremotiv

“Emma is a truly pragmatic practitioner of her craft. Having worked with Flamingo for 3 months now I’ve been massively encouraged by the early results of her marketing work with my business. She doesn’t spout theory and hollow promises instead takes a “sleeves rolled-up” that produces practical campaigns specifically tailored to attract new prospects. These campaigns are sophisticated, measurable and, most importantly, effective in helping us engage with our ideal target market. Flamingo are proving to be one of the smartest investments we’ve made in marketing for a long time. Would highly recommend.”

David Cross – First Impression Training

“Flamingo have transformed our online marketing capabilities within the last 12 months. They’ve connected us with over 1300 new relevant business owners on LinkedIn and the email marketing engine they’ve build has driven impressive engagement rates with our key audiences (open rates consistently 32%+ and click-to-open rates 11%). These activities have extended our brand reach and delivered a substantial return on our investment.

We have been consistently impressed with Flamingo, both in terms of the results they’ve delivered and their responsiveness & creativity as a team.”

Jenny Millar – Untapped Pricing

“Within 48 hours of starting our lead generation marketing campaign, we had secured meetings with senior contacts from THREE world-renowned multi-billion pound companies. We would highly recommend Flamingo Marketing Strategies to anyone looking to grow their business, and we can’t wait to see more results like this. The best part about working with Team Flamingo is that they can’t do enough to help us! From designing brochures and writing email content, to helping us jazz up sales presentations – they really have become an extension of our team!”

Mattan David – Digipal Solutions

“Working with Flamingo Marketing has completely revolutionised Johnsons marketing for the B2B side of our business. We had become quite repetitive and outdated with our campaigns however since working with Emma, Chris and the team we have sourced the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find many high-quality leads! The creation of some very creative digital brochures, email campaigns and social has really improved our B2B communications. We are so happy to be continuously working with the team and would recommend them to anyone looking for support with their marketing campaigns.”

Johnsons Coaches – Lauren Davies

“We started working with Flamingo in February 2022, very aware that we needed to get our brand out there as we felt a bit like the best kept secret when it came to debt collection software for agencies and in-house finance teams!

Seven months later, we are seeing a number of leads come through, and have had three sales demos over the last two weeks, with more opportunities in the pipeline.

We were under no illusion that it would be a quick fix with instant return – Emma was always very honest that it could take a few months to materialise – considering our marketing was almost non-existent and even the website needed a good freshen up (something that the Flamingo team sorted out when we started), we did have some work to do!

However, the success over the past month has shown that good things come to those who wait! As we had done very little marketing in the past, we wanted a balance between spreading our budget across brand awareness and lead generation. We wanted to take a slower and more steady approach and be very strategic – fortunately that’s something Emma (the MD) is very good at!

The ten year post that the team created for us seemed to have a real impact too! They certainly are a creative bunch!

Things are really starting to move now, and it’s all getting quite exciting! Thank you to Team Flamingo, looking forward to a successful 2023 together!”

Indigo Cloud – Mark Morrall

“We’ve been working with Flamingo since 2019, we were one of their first clients. The marketing efforts from Team Flamingo has meant that over the last 3 years our business has gone from strength to strength. We are continually increasing our targets and hitting them year on year. Emma (the MD) is great at spotting opportunity we wouldn’t necessarily think to look for and she works closely with us to get the best results. Her ongoing campaign to Solicitors has meant I now have a database of over 4,000 relevant contacts who regularly send work my way and this has made up a massive percentage of our success target-wise. Highly recommend Flamingo to anyone who wants really targeted marketing and lead generation.”

Natasha Palmer – Mortgage Capacity Assessments

Emma helped me pull together my Facebook page for my independent travel online business. She designed my logo, created the cover video and pulled together a load of content to get it started over a weekend. Within just 1 week I’ve got nearly 500 likes from her efforts, and yesterday she started a Facebook ad campaign for me which produced 3 enquires for just £1.78. Not only is she the best sister ever, she’s fantastic at what she does and I can see why she’s doing so well with her Marketing business!

Lucy Sansom – Escape Reality – Travel

We brought Emma in to help us with a client conference we were running earlier this year, where she was one of our associate facilitators for a large team activity. Despite not having extensive experience in this type of facilitation, Emma took to the task like a natural, establishing a great relationship with her team almost instantly. Her instructions were clear and concise, and she guided the team through a complicated task with ease. More importantly, there was fun and lots of laughter along the way and I could tell they really enjoyed her company. I have no doubt that Emma’s ability to build rapport with clients extends into everything she does with Flamingo Marketing Strategies. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her in any capacity!

Vicky Holding – Managing Partner, Colour;Noun

“We are able to focus on the key day to day activities safe in the knowledge that our marketing platforms and messages are all consistent and that our brand is being placed in front of our target audience.”

Graeme Smith – Managing Director, CYAN Group Ltd

“We gained some great advice on content , message sequencing, sending voice notes, how to strike the balance between being 80% helpful and then 20% offering your services- which, although we have signed up to different service for 3 months we will definitely be getting in touch to have Emma come over to do a day’s training and since having the call and realising that Emma had pointed out the pitfalls with the service we have just signed up to, we now know how valuable her advice is and I can foresee working very closely in the future.”

Lorna Hughes – Cue Media

“We recently worked with Emma from Flamingo Marketing Strategies on a Facebook campaign and I cannot recommend her and her team enough! They listened to our wants and needs and created a clear bespoke strategy that would help us achieve our goals. The campaign was up and running very quickly and we saw instant results. We were kept fully up to date every step of the way and the campaign was closed with incredible results – more than tripling our initial target. If you are serious about making an impact with your marketing, then Flamingo Marketing Strategies are worth every penny.”

Emma Dredge – Top Tipis

“Over the past 3 months we have put more effort into our marketing working closely with Flamingo Marketing Strategies. Despite the Coronavirus affecting a large segment of our target market, Emma and her team have worked hard to pivot campaigns and get the right messages out there. Using LinkedIn, they are connecting us with relevant contacts daily and getting conversations going which often lead to calls and proposals. An e-book they wrote and designed has generated over 50 downloads from one Facebook Advert in just 72 hours. They are always thinking of innovative ways to make us stand out from our competitors by engaging on social media and email, and finding new ways to get us noticed. Emma really cares about her clients and what they stand for, and despite the Global Pandemic, she’s gone above and beyond to continuously generate leads for us and keep me updated every time she thinks of a new idea to explore.”

Jacqui Frost – The Salon Genie

Why Flamingo?

Flamingo is all about being unique. We love identifying what makes you different and marketing that in the best possible light to make you stand out from the crowd. And we do so by being different, too. We don’t just take on a client, find out what they want and deliver their projects. We really take the time to get to know you, your business and your goals. This gives us a true grasp of who you are, what you want to communicate and who you want to listen.

We’ll then use our unique combination of creative and analytical skills to come up with an unrivalled plan for success. All our packages are 100% bespoke to you and we even promise not to work with your competitors. Better still, all of our campaigns are overseen by our managing director in person. When you join Flamingo, you’re not just getting a marketing agency. You’re getting a marketing family, there to support you and do whatever it takes to see you succeed.

Our Services

Don’t wait to be found. Reach your target audience directly through our lead generation services. We’ll identify and connect with your target market, creating a strong network of potential clients to engage with, market and sell to.

We are experts in all things creation, whether you’re looking for stand-out branding, websites and socials or stunning videos, photos and print media. We put passion and personality into everything we do, guaranteeing you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Want 100 new engaged prospects each and every month? We’ll contact potential customers on your behalf, engaging with them via valuable content rather than direct sales. Once they’re interested, we’ll add them to your network of faithful followers for further future success.

We’ll generate nine free high-performing email subject lines for you to send to your clients to capture their attention. When you talk about things your audience wants to hear, they’re more likely to connect with you and ultimately, convert.

Request our brochure

At Flamingo, we don’t limit our services to just one type of marketing. That’s because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Everything we do is 100% bespoke to you and your business, to guarantee that it aligns with your goals. We therefore recommend booking a free strategy call with us to find out exactly what we can do to help. Alternatively, request our brochure to find out more about the journey to success.