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Looking for brochures, business cards and banners? Whatever you need, Flamingo can design and print it. We’ll be part of your team from the get-go, creating everything you need for a successful event or exhibition. We can be as involved as you like, whether you need support crafting engaging content to publish on posters, flyers and leaflets or want to take advantage of our in-house photography studio to perfect the images you’re sharing with your public. We can even help with event organisation and have plenty of suggestions when it comes to out-of-the-box printed merchandise that will help you stand out.

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What is Marketing Brochure Design?

Printed marketing brochures can be used for a variety of purposes. Perhaps you want to give potential customers something visual to take away with them, so they can learn more about your products in their own time, without pressure to make an immediate decision. Or perhaps you want to outline the different service packages you have available, using carefully crafted descriptions and appealing lifestyle photography to really sell the experience.

Whatever it is you need, our beautiful print media is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Nowadays, everything tends to be digital, so having something physical to give to your target market – in addition to having a strong online presence – can help to give you that competitive advantage. At Flamingo, we produce print media in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. We’ll work with you to really get to know your brand, ensuring that everything we print is of the highest quality and truly conveys who you are.

How will my Business Benefit from Marketing Printing Services?

Grab people’s attention

Posters, banners, leaflets and flyers are all great ways to grab people’s attention. Eye-catching images and enticing descriptions of your products and services can make all the difference when it comes to potential customers choosing you over your competitors. Our Leamington Spa agency specialises in photography, content creation and branding, so we’re well equipped to create stand-out print media that will increase your reach in physical locations.


Make yourself memorable

When people have printed materials to take away, they’re much more likely to think back on your business and what you have to offer. It’s nice to be able to take your time to learn more about products and consider the available options in detail before making a purchase, particularly for high-value items. Flamingo prints wonderful business cards, flyers, presentation folders and brochures to make you memorable. We can even provide branded pens, puzzles and other fun products to ensure you remain top of mind.

Provide additional value

Printed marketing materials are a great way of adding value to your clients’ lives. They allow you to educate people about your industry and products, providing valuable insights that will help your readers in some way. If you’re unsure about the kind of content you should be producing, our Leamington Spa agency can help you with this. We’ll come up with a detailed content plan that will perfectly complement your online and digital media strategies.

Support your digital strategies

You don’t have to choose between physical, printed products and online marketing strategies. Rather, print media serves to complement your digital presence. As your go-to agency for all things marketing in the Warwickshire area, we can come up with a comprehensive strategy that marries the digital with the physical for the best possible success. Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements with us. Our free one-hour strategy call is all you need to visualise the road to success.

Want to Stand Out?

The Advantages of Print Marketing

Print marketing is a great way for small businesses to attract more local customers. Posting leaflets and publishing print ads can prove more effective than online marketing alone when aiming to sell in a specific geographical area. Printed materials are also a great solution for businesses targeting older customers, who may not be comfortable using a computer or mobile device.

The effectiveness of print is not limited to one single demographic, however. Leaving flyers, leaflets and brochures in public places like community centres, libraries and events halls is a great way to get your brand noticed. People are likely to pick one up as they’re waiting in a queue and will be encouraged to contact you later on, given that you sparked their interest.

You can also use printed marketing materials to increase traffic to your online channels, such as your website and social media profiles. For instance, we could add a QR code that can be easily scanned, leading people directly to your digital content where they can find out more. In this sense, print media is just one more strand in your marketing strategy to direct people to your products and services.

How our Print Marketing Services Work

At Flamingo, our primary goal is to help you stand out. We combine all the different marketing strategies we offer to achieve this. As a one-stop shop for all things marketing, there’s nothing we can’t help you with when it comes to promoting your brand. We also recognise that each and every company is different. That’s why we start every process with a free, no-obligation strategy call. Our managing director, Emma, will spend around an hour discussing your business and goals with you, before making suggestions on the avenues you should take. We’re completely transparent throughout this process, so you’ll learn something useful, whether or not you wish to proceed.

If we decide that printed marketing would work well for you, we’ll come up with a detailed plan on what needs to be printed and when. We can create all your content for you and take original photos, either here at the office or on your site. If you’re planning for a specific event, we can also help with things like scheduling, merchandising and more. Get in touch to start the process today.


Exclusive Partnership between you and us

When partnering with Flamingo, we will agree to not work with your competitors in your local area (or within an agreed radius), so you know your campaigns will be completely bespoke to you.


Working to build great relationships

For us, the relationship with our clients is so important. That's why we have regular in-person and online meetings so that we can build trust and we're always in the loop with what's going on.


Creative services that get you noticed

From email marketing to websites, brochures to social media, we use print and digital technologies to make you stand out from the crowd. We'll help get your name out there to grow your business.

tangible value

Valuable results and tracking ROI

When you work with Flamingo Marketing Strategies, you know exactly how your campaigns are performing thanks to our comprehensive, detailed reporting so you can track its value.

Why Choose Flamingo as your Print Marketing Agency?

At Flamingo, we’re 100% committed to you and your business. We’ll develop a strong working relationship with you from the very start, getting to know your goals and aspirations in detail for the greatest impact. Our managing director, Emma, oversees all our projects personally, so you’re guaranteed to get the very best, personalised service every time. We essentially become additional members of your team, supporting you with your each and every marketing requirement.

We also promise never to work with any of your competitors. If you’re a local business, we won’t work with any other companies in your industry within a specified radius and if you operate nationally, you’ll be our only client in your field across the whole of the UK. This ensures that the competitive advantage we secure remains exclusive to you.

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Print marketing is a broad term used to refer to a wide range of printed marketing materials. It may include business cards, flyers, brochures, presentation folders, posters, roll-up banners and branded merchandise. At Flamingo, we offer a huge range of products in all different finishes and sizes – and we can also source unique solutions that will help to market your company making you memorable, especially if you’re planning for a special event.


The type of print media you choose will depend on your goals. If you’re looking to attract more customers in your local area, flyers are a great option. They don’t require a large budget and are concise enough to capture people’s attention and encourage them to find out more. If you’re looking to showcase your products in more detail, however, brochures are the best option. They allow you to share high-quality printed photographs of your products alongside functional or enticing descriptions. Of course, we can print business cards, posters and other types of print marketing, too. Each product has its own unique purpose and advantages. If you’re interested in boosting your success with print media, we recommend getting in touch for a free strategy call, where our experts will be able to better advise you on our print products after analysing your goals.

It’s not a competition! Nowadays, having a strong online presence is a must. Companies without an optimised website miss out on a myriad of opportunities and we highly recommend improving your social media presence to secure success. That said, printed materials still serve a unique purpose that digital products can’t fulfil. Whether it’s business cards, brochures or informative leaflets, they can be taken away to ensure your brand remains memorable. What’s more, they encourage people to find out more about your business and its values. That’s why, when used in conjunction with digital media, they can be particularly powerful. Use printed materials like posters and banners to grab people’s attention and include a link or QR code to your website on your brochures and flyers to increase page visits and secure more sales.

At Flamingo, we produce all kinds of printed marketing materials. Each and every solution we provide serves a unique purpose that digital media alone cannot fulfil. For instance, business cards can be handed out at a moment’s notice, at times when you may not be expecting to connect. Meanwhile, posters and banners are a great way to grab people’s attention, letting them know who you are and what you have to offer at an event, making them more likely to come over and talk to you. This then allows you to engage them in meaningful conversation, before giving them brochures with further information. You may also wish to provide branded merchandise like pens and puzzles to ensure they remember you after your initial connection.

Some people would claim that printed materials are no longer necessary in an increasingly digital world. However, this is not the case. Printed marketing can be used to support your digital presence and works just as well as – if not better than – other tactics when it comes to encouraging people to visit your website. Furthermore, because many companies have long abandoned printed materials to focus solely on digital, having something physical that visitors can look at and perhaps take away has now become one of the best strategies for standing out.