April 2024 Newsletter

Summer is just around the corner and we’re in high spirits at Flamingo this April.

We hope you had a great Easter and are settled back into work.

Our team enjoyed a well-deserved break, but we’re now back to it, running campaigns and creating amazing content for our clients.

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past month:

UpLift Live

On the road again

Flamingo were delighted to sponsor UpLift Live – the UK’s first LinkedIn-focused business event – at the end of last month.

Chris, Eddy and George headed to Millennium Point in Birmingham, exhibition stand and flamingo balloon in tow, to share their expertise and pick up some valuable tips.

They made plenty of notes and came back to the office itching to share them with the team!

Driving business forward

Johnsons Coaches are something of a household name in the Midlands when it comes to coach travel, but 18 months ago, they saw the chance to grow the B2B side of their business.

They turned to Flamingo and, in just a year and a half, saw:

  • An average email open rate of 38% (compared to an average of 19.21% across all sectors)
  • A 38% increase in social media followers
  • 14,011 Private Hire movements

Johnsons Coaches’ services are now so in demand that our marketing efforts have taken a backseat due to the flood of inbound requests!

It’s so nice to know we’ve played a part in this success story.

Bestselling Co-Author, you say?

Would you believe it if we said we have a bestselling co-author in the office?

Our MD Emma has co-authored the book ‘Can’t Break Me’, which was recently released by Queens in Business Club. Within 24 hours on sale, the book achieved bestseller status on Amazon!

In Emma’s chapter, she shares six valuable business lessons she learned when transforming Flamingo from a back bedroom business to an office-based team of six with a revenue growing year-on-year.

If you haven’t got your hands on it yet, grab a copy today.

Marketing is a minefield...

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around marketing, we shared five top marketing tips for business owners to keep in mind ahead of building a marketing strategy.

In our article published this past month, we explore working with data, standing out in crowded markets, leveraging customer testimonials and plenty more.

So if you don’t want your business to blend in, have a read and you’ll be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons in no time!

Winnie at Flamingo

Another girl in the office!

You must be thinking: “Wow, another addition to the team?” 🤣


For one day only, Emma brought her friend’s gorgeous dog, Winnie, into the office for our monthly Flamingo Day!

Winnie is a poochon (toy poodle-bichon frise cross) and got plenty of cuddles from the team.

Despite Winnie running around the office, finding things under people’s desks and eyeing up everyone’s lunches, it was another productive Flamingo Day, with the team making strides towards making the business even better!

Catch you in the next newsletter!

Team Flamingo 🦩

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