August 2019

Summer is here – time to ‘Flamingle’ with friends and loved ones!

August can be a difficult time for a lot of business owners, but don’t let the summer silence bring you down.

Take advantage of some down time if you’re quieter in August. Re-charge, see friends and family, take some time for you.

If you’re like me, I can’t switch off easily – so why not do something still work-related but from the comfort of your back garden or your holiday destination?

I’ve got the perfect solution for anyone dealing with customers on a daily basis, or in a customer service role. If you’re sick of moany, miserable customers or dealing with complaints – this book might just help you brighten up the end of your year! Scroll down to check out what I’m talking about.

Along with an example of a Photographer who KNOWS her market, message, media – hopefully there’s several useful marketing tips to take away this month.

The Art of Outsourcing

One of the most common problems so many business owners face is time-management.

It’s understandable, because when you think about it – it’s something you don’t ever get taught how to do. Yes, you get deadlines thrown at you from homework at Reception-level, to GCSE exams and right thought to University Assessments, but nobody actually teaches you the strategies to put in place to get stuff done effectively and efficiently.

So, when you start a business, and suddenly you have a never-ending workload, a team to manage and customers to deal with… it’s clear to see why time-management is such a big problem.

Two recent interactions have triggered this article – The first, listening to Michelle Stonhill’s 4-part series on ‘How I went from living in a caravan to becoming a millionaire’ video series and her advice “don’t try and do it all yourself”. The second, a call with a gentleman called Steve Day – Director of Systems and Outsourcing who’s helping business owners manage their workload daily and stop trying to do everything themselves.

If you’re interested in finding out ‘5-steps to successful time-management’, I’ll be writing a blog in the next few days so be sure to join our dontbeapigeon – business owners group on Facebook to be the first to see the blog or follow @dontbeapigeon on Facebook or LinkedIn.

WOW your customers with outstanding customer service…

I have recently read this book; it didn’t take me long to read it for the following two reasons:
  • I couldn’t put it down
  • It’s SO easy to consume and the value just keeps on coming!

For the next 4-weeks it’s on offer. It will fit perfectly in your suitcase if you love business & personal development books. Available via Kindle or Book – it’s well worth checking it out here. (and no, I’m not getting commission – it’s just a brilliant book and it’s opened my eyes to what excellent customer service looks like…)

With fourteen 5* reviews on Amazon – here’s what people are saying about ‘Make Their Day – Awesome ways to WOW our customers’

Outstanding tips for anyone in sales/customer service & life in general

A very readable book – full of excellent tips and advice on dealing with customers and people in general. This book has clearly been written with passion, by someone who has ‘walked the walk’ and feels passionately about this subject. I read the book in one session – couldn’t put it down! No doubt I will be referring to it again and again to keep it fresh in my mind. The book caters for all situations when dealing with customers/other – no matter the product or situation. Thoroughly recommended.

OCD but not as you know it

Marie’s passion for customer service shines through this book and I have first-hand experience of working with Marie that she practices what she preaches – this isn’t a bland guide to customer experience but comes from the heart – her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. All the tips and techniques work in practice – the programme she ran with my teams in AXA were hugely engaging and led to some fantastic results – thanks Marie and keep spreading your OCD!

Practical tips that are easy to implement

Many businesses essentially offer the same products and services as their competitors, and it’s the way you make your customers feel that makes them come back to you. This book is the perfect way to make sure you know what to do in your business to stand out from the crowd. Lots of ideas and techniques are clearly explained so you can consider and implement each in turn. Thoroughly recommended!

Market, Message, Media?… Nailed it!

Scrolling through Facebook last week whilst eating my dinner, I came across this little beauty of a Facebook post from a Photographer I know, who is based in Redditch.

This post reads  ‘Back to School – Shoots now available’  and is super-smart because:

  • It was posted on the 24th July 2019 when all the mums & dads have been reminiscing over the last year and how much their child has come along and changed since their first day.
  • It’s catching people right at the start of the Summer holidays when they have a few weeks to get it booked in for September when their kids are going back to school
  • It’s being constantly shared and pushed over the summer whilst people are taking holidays and have more time to aimlessly scroll through social media – perfect media choice!
  • Most parents have the task of sorting out school uniforms in August and when they finally get it sorted, they can’t wait to see their children put them on for the first time – this post will certainly get their attention.
  • On the 19th & 20th July, my Facebook newsfeed was FILLED with mums and dads putting up photos of their child’s 1st day of year one vs. last day of year 1 – so this post will have landed at exactly the right time!
  • The images with the text are unique to each child, the sort of things you won’t remember when they are 16 or 18 and went through a phase at 4 years old of wanting to be a pilot! For the sentimental parents that like to capture memories not just snap an awkward pic that gets lost when you upgrade your phone, this is right up their street.

For me, Brookfield Photography have nailed Market, Message Media with this post. It’s the perfect example of a seasonal offer that resonates to a targeted audience. Since speaking to them and finding out the success of this campaign – within one week she’d secured 10 bookings.

If you’re based in or around Redditch, contact Kay through her website here to book your little one(s) in –

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