July 2019

One full month in business and It’s website launch day!

It’s been a really exciting first month here at Flamingo Marketing Strategies.
We’ve been fortunate to find wonderful people to work with and have really felt the love this month.
Taking the plunge of leaving a full-time marketing role to start up my own business has certainly paid off and I can’t wait to see what happens during the lead up to Christmas.

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Colleagues by chance… Friends by choice

At my most recent role I had the privilege of meeting this wonderful lady – Anne Docherty.

Naturally, when you’re travelling all over the world together, working 12 hour days and sitting in airports you become close friends.

What I didn’t foresee was that we would both end up starting our own businesses at the same time.

Check out my good friend Anne’s business – Comedy at Work.

She’s currently running stand-up comedy events in and around Warwickshire and asked me to go along to do some filming and become her marketing specialist.

We created this 1-minute video to promote their upcoming events, it was so refreshing to market a small-business in need and be back behind a camera for the first time in years.

Follow them on Facebook to check out their upcoming events – you won’t regret it! It was a fantastic evening at Valles at 44 in Leamington Spa.

Business lessons for start ups

Lying in bed, eyes wide open, tossing and turning… I finally found a solution.

Close the book on your story for half an hour and read someone else’s.

For someone who LOVES business books, it would be very easy to pick up one of these each night but it won’t do me any favours because naturally, you bring your thoughts back to your business.

I’m talking about an actual novel. A murder mystery, a love story, a psychotic child (just read a great book about one of these in a handful of days – The perfect child – Lucinda Berry). My point is, choose a book that you absolutely can’t relate to your own life if you want to experience the benefit of this business lesson and get a decent night’s sleep.

With this lesson learnt, I’ve decided to document every business lesson as I make mistakes to help other business owners avoid repeating them.

If nothing else, hopefully they’ll give you a laugh.

Feeling the love

This month we received this gift from our clients, and it absolutely made our day!

I first met Marie and David Cross (First Impression Training) in 2015 and this month they got in contact with me to discuss how we could work together.

Marie is a customer service fanatic with over 40 years of experience and a true practitioner of her craft. Although I’m not her ‘customer’, she certainly knows the importance of how you make your customers feel.

I wanted to share a few of her thoughts with you:

  • 84% of a customer’s experience is EMOTIONAL – people will forget what you say, they’ll forget what you do for them (even if you are a real GEM and Go the Extra Mile) but people will NEVER forget how you make them FEEL
  • Delivering great customer service ain’t rocket science – small things can make a BIG difference, like saying “thank you” rather than “sorry” when you’ve kept someone waiting and focusing FIRST on what you CAN do for someone, before telling them what you CAN’T do e.g. “I can certainly arrange that for you for next Monday, although the diary is fully booked for this week”
  • Rapport is the golden thread of effective communication and is at the heart of a great customer experience.  When we feel connected and engaged and on the ‘same page’ as the person we’re communicating with, a mutually beneficial relationship unfolds naturally.  Talking someone’s language (using similar words in a similar way); using the person’s name; actively listening and being genuinely interested in what the other person has to say with verbal nods and acknowledgements, are all little things that can make a BIG difference to how we make someone feel!

Marie has actually just released her book ‘Make their day’ which you can buy on Amazon here.

I read it in 2 days I couldn’t put it down! A fantastic read for anyone serious about ‘wow’ing thier customers!

Make your own marketing videos

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Check out mine here.

At Flamingo Marketing Strategies we can produce these videos for you.

We understand that not every has the time (or creativity) to produce their own video adverts but we absolutely do, and we love it… so if a video like this is something you’d like for your business – enquire here.

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