International Cat Day – Gingie strikes again!

Many of you may remember that last year I wrote a blog on International Cat Day, all about my neighbour’s cat Ginger who stole my heart…

…The blog was called ‘How to win your ideal client’ where I likened tactics Ginger used to get my attention, to winning new clients. Ironically, it actually won me a new client! You can read it here.

This year I’ve got a new blog for you called ‘How to keep customers’ once again, Ginger is here to tell you how – enjoy!

A day in the life of Gingie

It’s another glorious morning, off I go to see Emma and Olivia. It has been over 3 years since I first met Emma and for a long time, I had to really work hard to get her to give me a chance. Whereas now, I’m only outside a few minutes each morning (after leaving my real owners house) when I hear ‘Gingieeeee, *whistle*, Gingerrrrr!’

Want to know how I do it? It’s simple – just follow these 4 steps….

Show up and stand out like no other

I did this for a long time when I was in ‘winning them’ mode, but the truth is, it never stops. You can’t win a client then stop caring about them.

I show up every day, multiple times a day.

I have become a ‘constant’ in their life so there’s no way they will ever stop wanting me around.

I’m not suggesting you show up at your client’s doors all the time, but you can show up in a number of different ways. By phone, text, email, social media – never leave it too long before you drop your clients a note. Especially if they are customers who could buy multiple times you just need to remind them that you’re there, so they keep working with you (or buying from you).


Make them feel special

There are lots of ways to do this, from sending gifts, to putting them on a VIP list, by doing things that nobody else is likely to be doing.

In my world, this is ‘cuddles’, for example, you see, us cats, we aren’t that affectionate, we are independent, we don’t often care for humans, we only care about what they can do for us.

However, I frequently sit on their laps, I always go there first thing in the morning and last thing at night so I’m the first and last thing they think about when they go to bed.

I also let them pick me up! Not that I’m suggesting you climb onto your clients lap next time you see them but do have a think about how you can give them a level of service that nobody else can or will.

How can you make them feel special?


Value for money

I hate to say it, but being nice, showing up and making them feel special is an added bonus as far as your clients are concerned.

If you’re charging too much and they aren’t seeing value for money, they won’t stay, so be sure to keep an eye on your reviews if you do sell a product or service. As for feedback, make sure they are happy with the service they are getting, especially at the moment with the coronavirus still ruling the way we live our lives (and run our businesses), people are having to make tough decisions to cut back.

If your product or service is something they can live without, they will.

For me, Emma and Olivia get all the best bits of being a cat owner. They don’t pay my bills, they go away whenever they want, the only cost is a few bags of dreamies and the odd cat toy, but they get hours of fun and love out of me!

My real owners drew the short straw, but the truth is, I still love them more, my loyalty to them will never go. I just have two families now! (much like how you have multiple people you work with/sell to).


Get personal

The most personal part of a cat’s body is their tummy (well apart from the obvious!).

I made it personal when I allowed Emma and Olivia to stroke me there.

Sometimes they take it too far and I have to bite them a little to warn them that they are getting carried away.

However, when it comes to you getting personal (especially if you provide a service that is ongoing) is to just ask questions.

Find out when their birthday is, what they like to indulge in, their favourite type of food, what they watch, their hobbies, it’s easy to do.

The same stands for if you have staff who work for you.

Show you care by making it personal and it really will be much harder for them to leave you when you never miss a birthday or send them their favourite treats when they aren’t very well!

Hopefully, that’s given you a few pointers!

The key is to treat your customers how you treated them when you first started working together. If you do this, then you’re halfway there…

…and if in doubt blink really slowly at them – Emma and Olivia go really gooey when I do that. No idea why!