June 2019

Today marks the start of a very exciting journey.

Flamingo Marketing Strategies Ltd has officially been launched on the date my beloved Nan Minnie Eyles was born (3rd June). Nan, I miss you every day and I will run this business in your honour – knowing that you are watching over me.

Every month I’ll release a newsletter to share new content & learnings with you to help you with your small-medium size business.

Who are Flamingo Marketing Strategies?

We are a marketing company based in Leamington Spa.

We exist to help small-medium size businesses get more exposure, gain new clients and create ‘stand out’ marketing.

Ideal for business owners who need some help but don’t want (or can’t afford) a full time marketing team. We create bespoke marketing with a personal touch.

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Business lessons for start ups

It didn’t take long to learn my first lesson when I started my business. Less than a week I reckon.

You are so focussed about every important detail – from website design, to which accountant to choose, to strategy… it’s easy to let other things slip. Like your personal well-being.

After demolishing a breakfast of over 650 calories, I decided I needed to action a change.

With this lesson learnt, I’ve decided to document every business lesson as I make mistakes to help other business owners avoid repeating them.

If nothing else, hopefully they’ll give you a laugh.

6 reasons why

I’ve written a guide on the ‘6 reasons why your business isn’t growing (and what you can do about it)’

As a business owner you are great at what you do, you understand the benefit of your product/service and you have a clear business strategy (if you are missing any of these elements give me a call, I know a great business coach who can help you.)

However, if all these are in place…why do so many business owners struggle to acquire new business? Why do they miss their sales targets and why are they lying awake at night worrying about their cashflow?

When did it all go wrong? You had a solid business plan – why isn’t it working?

I’ll tell you why.

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand. In fact, I believe that sales simply cannot exist without marketing. If you don’t know how to market your business this is likely the reason why your small business isn’t growing.

Download the guide to find out how you can fix it – 6 changes you can make in your business today. 

3 things to help you with your business & marketing

1) Trello

Do you ever see articles on LinkedIn that you want to read but don’t have time? Then when you go back to find them again you can’t remember where they were?

If you use Trello, you can create an ideas board and simply drag the link from LinkedIn onto the board and it will create a card for you with the link, the authors and anything else of use.

2) Colour Picker – Useful for Designers

There’s a number of google chrome extensions that enable you to pick the colours from someones website and get the exact colour code. Never choose the wrong brand colours again when mocking up designs for your company or clients.

3) Canva

Canva is a free online too thant enables you to make graphics for your business – perfectly sized for Facebook banners, LinkedIn or any other social posts you need. You can also produce flyers, brochures, proposals and more on here by dragging and dropping images and text and uploading your own imagery too.

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