January 2024 Newsletter

Bring on 2024!

That’s the attitude we’re going into this year with, with plans to make this year the biggest and best one yet for Flamingo.

Whilst it’s still too early to let you in on what those plans are just yet, we still have some exciting updates for you.

Catch us at next month's Midlands Business Network Expo

If you felt like you missed out on not being able to attend Emma’s talk on ‘how to make email marketing work for your business’ (which was quite the hit by the way) then not to worry, we’ll be attending The Midlands Business Network Expo on Thursday 29 February hosted at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

We are pleased to tell you, Emma will be there again, as we’ve booked another speaking slot for you (with a brand new topic…soon to be announced). The talk will start at 10:45am.

If you’d like to register for FREE tickets, then what are you waiting for? Click the button below.

Some friendly advice

We’ve attended our fair share of events over the past year and it’s been a great opportunity for us to network, build our brand, and expand our database. We like to think we’ve got this whole exhibiting thing down to a T as we use each one as an opportunity to work out what works, and what doesn’t!

But just because we’ve worked out how to master events for Flamingo, doesn’t mean everyone has figured out what works well for them. In fact, we see a lot of people making the same mistakes over and over again, so, we want to help you make sure the next time you’re exhibiting you’re getting the very most out of it.

So here are our tips on what NOT to do when you’re exhibiting at an event.


New year, new starter

That’s right, it was only 11 months ago we had the latest addition to our little flamboyance and we’re keeping the tradition going of growing our team at the start of the new year.

FMS_Emails_Images_2023 (1)

We’d like to introduce you to Richard, a successful graphic designer with over 20 years’ experience. A genuine expert in his field of design, branding and marketing - he’s going to fit right in!

In his own words – "I’m delighted to be starting 2024 with such a warm welcome from Emma and the team at Flamingo. I’m super excited to be able contribute my design experience and expertise to our work going forward."

We’re so excited to have you onboard, Rich!


Chris's panto

Many of you know about Chris’s other love (his first obviously being marketing! 😉)… but for those of you who don’t – here’s a sneaky preview!

Our wonderful Marketing Manager is not only responsible for managing the marketing initiatives for all our clients here at Flamingo. When it comes to what happens outside of work – for 6 months of the year he writes and directs his own Pantomime, where of course, he plays the Dame (would you expect anything less?!)

Emma and her family go and watch him every year to show him all the love and support he shows Flamingo every day. This year it was Robin Hood, next year it’ll be Sleeping Beauty.

We know how hard Chris works when he’s in the office, so considering he writes, directs and stars in – as well as arranges all the music, set design and painting (which he does himself with family and friends), all in his own time – he really is incredible.

Well done, Chris – another excellent performance!

Happy Birthday to the Head Flamingo

It wouldn’t be right to not give Em a mention, considering our newsletter this month has gone out on her Birthday.

Emma is always the first to make a fuss out of us on our birthdays (often in the form of covering our desks with balloons and filling us with 3,000 calories before midday!), so we thought we’d get her back…

Emma's bday

And there we are, an exciting start to the year for sure!

We’ll catch you in next month’s newsletter and we hope to see you at The Midlands Business Network Expo next month 😉

Team Flamingo 🦩

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