June Newsletter 2020

This month is all about celebration for us here at Flamingo Marketing Strategies Ltd.

Today it is not only our anniversary, but also my dear Nan’s birthday who sadly is no longer with us.

So in this newsletter, I’m going to take you on a bit of a journey, but also share some great value with you too.

You’ll need your headphones for this newsletter…


A song dedicated to my Nan

As many of you know, I launched Flamingo Marketing Strategies on my Nan’s birthday so I could make her part of the journey… so to celebrate our anniversary, this is dedicated to her.

My first ever newsletter

June 2019

We are now 12 months on and I can proudly say I’ve kept up my monthly newsletters AND written plenty of blogs too, to share marketing tips and ideas to fellow business owners.

Don’t get me wrong, some months have been harder to keep on top of my own marketing as I became busier, but now when I look back at everything I’ve achieved in the first year, I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself!

Here’s a link to my very first newsletter I wrote back when I was all bright-eyed and bushy tailed about to start my new venture.

Since then I’ve:

  • Written and designed a website
  • Exceeded my business financial goals
  • Employed staff
  • Written 38 newsletters and blogs
  • Got to full capacity client-wise within a few months
  • Received over 15 wonderful testimonials from my valued clients
  • Enjoyed 3 amazing holidays
  • Bought a new car
  • Moved from page 13 to page 1 when you type in ‘Flamingo Marketing’ into Google!

I’ve also had:

  • Sleepless nights
  • Many weekend working sessions
  • Late nights and early starts
  • Multiple lessons learned!

Running a business isn’t easy, but it is absolutely worth it!

If you want to read some of my other blogs, you can find them all here.

Find out more about Flamingo Marketing Strategies Ltd

As we celebrate our anniversary this week, we wanted to share some of our highlights, achievements and lessons learned from our first year in business.

In this 10 minute video interview you can find out:

– Why I started my own business (0:15)
– Why it’s called Flamingo Marketing Strategies (1:18)
– A highlight from my first year in business (2:07)
– Biggest lesson learned (3:03)
– Surprises along the way (3:50)
– How I adapted from working in a big team to running my own business (5:00)
– What is the best thing about running a business (5:37)
– How I deal with the bad days (6:15)
– Who my biggest inspiration is (6:50)
– What I’d have done if I didn’t choose a career in marketing (7:46)
– How I relax when I’m not working (8:32)

You can watch the video here.