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We’ll spend the first 40 minutes getting to know you and asking lots of questions – from what you do and the services and products you sell, to the people you’re targeting and the company image you want to convey.

We’ll work out what you're doing well and what you could be doing better, which will give us a better idea of the services you need to start standing out from the crowd. Everything we do is 100% bespoke and we only recommend the strategies we think are necessary to achieve your goals.

We’re completely transparent about our ideas, which we will share openly with you in the second half of the call. As such, you’re guaranteed to gain valuable insights, whether or not you decide to work with us.

Calls will generally take place over Microsoft Teams, but we can use Zoom, Google Meets if preferred.

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At Flamingo, we don’t limit our services to just one type of marketing. That’s because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Everything we do is 100% bespoke to you and your business, to guarantee that it aligns with your goals. We therefore recommend booking a free strategy call with us to find out exactly what we can do to help. Alternatively, request our brochure to find out more about the journey to success.