A smarter way to drive lead generation

Are you fed up with buying cold databases or continuously going after old, unengaged contacts?

Here at Flamingo, we have a smarter way to drive lead generation, with a value-led nurture approach, connecting you with hundreds of engaged prospects and building your own database at the same time.

Introducing Prospect100

Say goodbye to boring outreach and hello to genuine connections who care about what you have to offer.

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What is

If you have fantastic products but are struggling to get noticed by potential customers, Prospect100 is the service for you. Rather than buying databases of contacts unrelated to your target market, we’ll connect you to 100 valid customers – your engaged prospects – each and every month. In addition to helping you strike up valuable conversation with these key players, we’ll use the contact lists you build up to create a sophisticated marketing funnel. This means that, on top of getting more immediate sales, you’ll have an ever-growing network of loyal contacts who we can encourage to keep coming back to your business through targeted email content. This, in turn, will increase your brand value, consequently upping your reputation for creating success.

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