Social media holidays for your 2022 content calendars

Social media holidays for your 2022 content calendars

The demand for social content can prove a creative challenge of endurance. Keeping users engaged with your brand requires relevant, appealing and consistent content.

No easy feat, we know! And with 57% of the world’s population on social media, cutting through the noise can be a real challenge.

Cue the need for social media holidays. Creating content to coincide with the following social media calendar dates will help keep your key messaging fresh, engaging and topical.

Sold? Then let’s get stuck in.

Social media calendar holidays for 2022

January social media calendar dates 📅

1st January:        New Year’s Day

2nd January:        Science Fiction Day

3rd January:         Substitute Bank Holiday (New Year’s)

4th January:         Trivia Day

6th January:         National Technology Day

10th January:      Cut Your Energy Costs Day

15th January:      National Hat Day

16th January:      Hot & Spicy Food Day

17th January:      Blue Monday

20th January:      Get to Know Your Customers Day

21st January:       National Hugging Day

23rd January:      Sticky Toffee Pudding Day

24th January:      National Compliment Day

25th January:      Burn’s Day

26th January:      Australia Day

27th January:      Chocolate Cake Day

30th January:      National Escape Day

31st January:      Grammy Awards

February social media calendar dates 📅  

1st February:      Chinese New Year

2nd February:      Groundhog Day

4th February:      Winter Olympics Starts

5th February:      World Nutella Day

6th February:      Yorkshire Pudding Day

7th February:      Charles Dicken’s Day             

9th February:      National Pizza Day

10th February:    World Pulses Day

13th February:    Galentine’s Day

14th February:    Valentine’s Day

15th February:    Singles Awareness Day

17th February:    Random Acts of Kindness Day

20th February:    Love Your Pet Day

21st February:    Family Day

27th February:    National Strawberry Day

March social media calendar dates 📅

1st March:          St David’s Day / Shrove Tuesday

2nd March:          Ash Wednesday

3rd March:           World Book Day

4th March:           National Grammar Day

5th March:           St. Piran’s Day

8th March:           International Women’s Day

12th March:         Alfred Hitchcock Day

13th March:         BAFTA’s

14th March:         National Potato Chip Day

17th March:         St. Patrick’s Day

18th March:         Red Nose Day

20th March:         First Day of Spring / International Day of Happiness

25th March:         International Waffle Day

27th March:         Mother’s Day

April social media calendar dates 📅

 1st April:             April Fool’s Day

2nd April:             National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

4th April:              International Carrot Day

9th April:              Grand National 2022

10th April:            Siblings Day

11th April:            National Pet Day

15th April:            Good Friday

16th April:            Day of The Mushroom

17th April:            Easter Sunday

18th April:            Easter Monday

19th April:            Bicycle Day

21st April:            Get to Know Your Customers Day

22nd April:           Earth Day

23rd April:            St George’s Day

27th April:            Tell a Story Day

29th April:            International Dance Day

30th April:            Honesty Day


May social media calendar dates 📅

1st May:              Labour Day

2nd May:              Early May Bank Holiday

3rd May:              Eid al-Fitr

4th May:              Star Wars Day

5th May:              Cinco de Mayo

6th May:              National Space Day

8th May:              No Socks Day

9th May:              Europe Day

10th May:            Clean Your Room Day

11th May:            National Eat What You Want Day

13th May:            World Cocktail Day

16th May:            National Vegetarian Week

17th May:            World Baking Day

20th May:            World Bee Day

23rd May:            Victoria Day

25th May:            National Wine Day

28th May:            International Hamburger Day

29th May:            National Biscuit Day

30th May:            National Creativity Day

31st May:            National Smile Day

June social media calendar dates 📅

1st June:              Dare Day

2nd June:             Spring Bank Holiday

3rd June:              Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday

4th June:              National Cheese Day

5th June:              World Environment Day

6th June:              Teachers Day

8th June:              Best Friends Day

10th June:            World Gin Day

12th June:            International Falafel Day

13th June:            International Children’s Day

14th June:            American Flag Day

15th June:            National Beer Day

16th June:            World Tapas Day

17th June:            National Flip Flop Day

18th June:            International Sushi Day

19th June:            Father’s Day

21st June:            Summer Solstice

22nd June:           National Selfie Day / Glastonbury Festival Starts

23rd June:            National Flamingo Day (our favourite) 🦩

27th June:            Wimbledon Starts

29th June:            Camera Day

30th June:            Social Media Day

July social media calendar dates 📅

1st July:                Canada Day

4th July:                American Independence Day

5th July:                Workaholics Day

6th July:                UEFA Women’s Euro Starts

8th July:                Video Games Day

7th July:                World Chocolate Day

9th July:                Eid al-Adha begins

13th July:             International French Fry Day

14th July:             National Mac & Cheese Day

16th July:             National Cherry Day

17th July:             World Emoji Day

18th July:             National Ice Cream Day

20th July:             National Hot Dog Day

21st July:              Get to Know Your Customers Day

29th July:             International Chicken Wing Day

30th July:             International Day of Friendship

31st July:             Parent’s Day

August social media calendar dates 📅

1st August:          National Girlfriend Day

5th August:          International Beer Day

8th August:          International Cat Day

9th August:          Book Lovers Day

10th August:        National Lazy Day

11th August:        Son & Daughter Day

13th August:        National Prosecco Day

15th August:        National Relaxation Day

16th August:        National Rum Day

17th August:        National Non-profit Day

19th August:        World Photography Day

21st August:        Poet’s Day

25th August:        National Burger Day

26th August:        International Dog Day

29th August:        Summer Bank Holiday

September social media calendar dates 📅

1st September:   National Tofu Day

3rd September:   International Bacon Day

5th September:   Cheese Pizza Day

7th September:   World Salami Day

8th September:   International Literacy Day

9th September:   Teddy Bear Day

10th September: Swap Idea Day

11th September: National Grandparents Day

12th September: National Video Games Day

17th September: Oktoberfest Starts

20th September: Pepperoni Pizza Day

21st September: International Day of Peace

23rd September: First Day of Fall

26th September: European Day of Languages

27th September: World Tourism Day

October social media calendar dates 📅

1st October:       International Coffee Day / World Vegetarian Day

2nd October:       World Smile Day

4th October:       National Taco Day

5th October:       World Teachers’ Day

10th October:     World Mental Health Day

14th October:     World Egg Day

16th October:     World Food Day

19th October:     International Gin & Tonic Day

20th October:     International Chefs Day

24th October:     Diwali

25th October:     World Pasta Day

27th October:     Silvia Plath Day

31st October:     Halloween


November social media calendar dates 📅

1st November:   World Vegan Day

3rd November:   World Sandwich Day

5th November:   Guy Fawkes Night

8th November:   Cappuccino Day

9th November:   Chaos Never Dies Day

11th November: Remembrance Day / Singles’ Day

13th November: Remembrance Sunday

15th November: National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

19th November: International Men’s Day

21st November: FIFA World Cup 2022

22nd November: Start Your Own Country Day

24th November: Thanksgiving

25th November: Black Friday

26th November: Small Business Saturday

28th November: Cyber Monday

30th November: St Andrew’s Day

December social media calendar dates 📅

1st December:    English Breakfast Day

3rd December:    National Roof Over Your Head Day

4th December:    National Sock Day

5th December:    Pigs in Blankets Day

11th December:  Christmas Jumper Day

12th December:  Green Monday

17th December:  Super Saturday

18th December:  National Free Shipping Day

21st December:  Winter Solstice

24th December:  Christmas Eve

25th December:  Christmas Day

26th December:  Boxing Day

27th December:  Substitute Bank Holiday (Christmas)

31st December:  New Year’s Eve

And that’s it. Now, you have a complete list of social media holidays, you should be able to intertwine the values of your brand story, values and services with important dates people can relate to.

The best social media management tools to make your life easier

Another way you can make your social media marketing strategy easier is to leverage the best social media management tools. The following platforms will enable you to maximise the impact of these social media holidays and streamline your workflow.

  1. Buffer

Buffer helps you manage your social media with a host of features, including publishing, engagement, analytics, landing pages and team collaboration.

Ultimately, Buffer streamlines social management while helping to generate meaningful engagement.

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social has several management features which work across scheduling, monitoring and reporting. The customer relationship management (CRM) feature stands out as it provides a complete profile of your clients. This significant aspect helps you serve clients better through a greater understanding of their needs.

Alongside the CRM feature, Sprout Social is known for its excellent reporting.

  1. Content Cal

Content Cal doesn’t have the same level of reporting and analytics as other social media management tools, but it’s very useful at managing your content. Planning, creating, approving, and scheduling content is Content Cal’s main weapon.

  1. LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics

Want to understand the volumes and engagement rates of LinkedIn hashtags? Then download this handy Chrome extension.

As a busy B2B social channel, it’s important to grasp the power of your hashtags before posting. This clever tool enables you to see the number of followers, comments and likes for each hashtag suggestion.

  1. Keyword IO

This keyword tool provides a list of relevant keyword suggestions for Twitter and Instagram to help you grow your social media following. The best part of all? You can use most of its features for free.

Prefer to take a social media holiday yourself?

Just because there’s an abundance of social media content constantly circulating online, doesn’t mean we should just post for the sake of it. All our content needs to remain consistently on brand and stimulating to our audience.

By using a social media dates calendar, the content will remain relevant and appeal to a larger audience. Adopting social media management tools will also give your content the best chance of competing with the competition by being well planned, created, scheduled, and targeted with your ideal consumer in mind.

With this knowledge, it’s time to start creating, scheduling, and posting your engaging content. If you need any more advice with social media content and management, then get in touch with Flamingo Marketing Strategies.

As social media specialists, we can ensure your content stays on point while being organised and scheduled to great effect.