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Our goal is to help you become the Flamingo in a flock of pigeons when it comes to your competitors. We do this by improving your brand awareness, providing exceptional lead generation, and pulling together a marketing strategy that is 100% bespoke with your key objectives in mind, every step of the way.

Why video marketing is a smart choice for SMEs

"You don’t need to be Scorsese, Hitchcock or Tarantino to create a video that people are going to want to watch. In fact, the beauty of video marketing is its simplicity – the more raw the video, the more authentic it is, and that’s what we all want – to trust the people and businesses we buy from."


April Newsletter 2020

"I’ve been back from my ‘holiday of a lifetime’ for just a couple of weeks.In that time, I’ve been put in lockdown, seen a decline in client work as they’ve had to pause or stop their marketing plans, got involved with a huge NHS project and have a new handful of clients lining up…"


February Newsletter 2020

"I cannot believe January has been and gone already. It’s true what they say, the older you get, the faster the time goes by! "


January Newsletter 2020

"Facing a new year is exciting for any business owner. We could all do with developing some healthy habits that will encourage us to stay calm and organised throughout the year. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed."


July Newsletter 2020

"Here at Flamingo Marketing Strategies we work with predominantly B2B companies who want an ongoing strategy, and for us to become their virtual marketing team. We offer a free consultation call to talk through your business objectives and see how we can help you."